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You run a business in Wales and need to promote it. You can use T.V., Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, Mail Drops and a host of other ways too numerous to mention. So why the Internet, what is so special ? The coverage of the Internet is global - your advertising would be global. The Internet does not sleep, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year your advertisment would be available to people in virtually every country in the World. Look back at the other forms of advertising. All limited in their spread, all limited in the time they are available to be seen by your customers. Now think again what a permanent advert on the Internet can do for your company. has had requests for accomodation, car hire, genealogy services, caravan sites, churches, travel guidance, general tourist information, car parks, attractions in Wales and even a request to use the pictures on a German language site. It is linked by a number of other sites from the U.K. to Australia and as the number of visitors climbs towards 10,000 from nearly 60 countries it is the ideal window for any business operating in this country.

So just how can help you ? If you already have a web site a banner such as the one at the top of this page can link directly to it and can be placed on a page tageted to your area. Any page apart from the main front page can be used for only 25 a year. No web site - no problem ! A banner advert linked to your own page can be yours for only 50 a year. Just supply us with the details you want on the Internet with maybe your company logo and a picture or two and we will do the rest. Where else can you advertise your company every second of the day for under a Pound a week ? Should you need your own site, either as part of or as a stand alone site just contact us for further details. The cost for a banner advert on the front page is 150 per year and would be ideal for a company trading throughout Wales. Need to know more ? E mail to and we will do all we can to help. Examples of the enquiries handled by are also available on request.

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