East and North of Newport

Most visitors to Wales enter from the east either by rail or road. The Severn Rail Tunnel from England is the longest rail tunnel in the U.K. being over 4 miles in length. Whilst above it are the old Severn Bridge opened in the 60's and the new one, in the 90's. Before these crossings were built the nearest way into Wales was way up The Severn in Gloucester, both ends of that bridge being in England A long trek down the western side of the Rivern Severn before the traveller descended Tutshill into Chepstow by crossing The River Wye bridge. A most impressive castle is the first landmark in Wales. Perched high on a stone cliff it dominates the river for some distance. On leaving Chepstow only a few miles need to be covered before reaching Newport.

Chepstow Castle Photograph

Near Goytre Wharf, south of Abergavenny.

The border area east and north of Newport is a scenic region of rolling hills and valleys. Small towns such as Abergavenny, Usk, Raglan and Monmouth are most picturesque.

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