Inland South Wales


The coastal belt around South Wales is described on other pages but here you will find information on the attractions inland.


Probably what South Wales is best know for, a coal mine. However these days only one, Tower Colliery survives. Above is The Rhondda Heritage Centre, no longer a mine but a museum, with the village of Trehafod behind. Further up the Rhondda Valleys are beautiful areas like the view of Clydach Vale below.

Further north, as you climb higher towards the Brecon hills, a road called The Heads of the Valleys Road runs west to east from Neath to Abergavenny. As the nane suggests the road does indeed run across the top of the South Wales Valleys. One of the main towns beside this road and on the main north to south route is Merthyr Tydfil. This town has a very strong industrial history, coal mining, iron foundaries and Trevethick's railway, which in 1804, was the first in the World to haul a load on rails, are just a part of the heritage to be found here.



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