Inland North Wales

An area of outstanding beauty....high mountains and deep valleys which run down to stunning coastline on the north and west of the area. Ideal for climbers, walkers or just those that admire stunning scenery and tranquility. Steeped in the history of old Welsh Princes, dotted with ancient industrial workings as well as new, a lot of which are now tourist attractions, this is a magical area of Wales.

Some examples are here and this will be expanded over future weeks. The first picture is of Llyn Celyn a man-made lake built to supply water. Beneath these waters is Hafod Fadog, a farm where, in the 17th century, some of the original Quakers worshipped. These people were driven from their homes and chose to emigrate to Pennsylvania in the U.S.A. where they could seek freedom.

Llyn Celyn Photograph


Llyn Celyn is situated inland from Ffestiniog, famous worldwide for slate mines, at one time a major Welsh export - indeed within the last few years slate has been exported to Australia after bad weather ripped through the country destroying homes. Ffestiniog is home to one of the famous "Little Trains of Wales".

Not too far from Llyn Celyn is another famous lake, Llyn Tegid or Lake Bala. The town of Bala sits on the edge of this lake and another narrow gauge railway runs up one side.

Llyn Tegid

Two views of Snowdonia during torrential rain. The picture on the left shows the water cascading down the hills to form instant rivers from trickles, in this case aided by melting snow. A river forms in the second picture to now flow either side of a tree.

Snowdonia Picture Snowdonia Picture

Welsh legends tell of Prince Llywelyn and his dog Gellert in the 13th century. After the dog was slain by his master in the mistaken belief that the animal had attacked his son, Llywelyn buried the dog at this spot.......Beddgellert. The dog had in fact saved the boy by killing a wolf but Llywelyn on seeing the blood made the fatal mistake and drew his sword.

Beddgellert Picture

Welsh Cottages


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